Character is your best


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Character is your best qualification

It’s not as much about what you can

do as it is about who you are.

What we do

CUSA manufactures metal-building secondary framing, panels, and trim components that are second to none, and we deliver to jobsites across the U.S.A.

Who we are

We are a privately held company that rejects a mindset that cares only about the bottom line. Our values drive our decision-making.

Joining our Team

We have key positions available, and you have skills and innate abilities looking for a place to shine. You may be the one we’ve been looking for, but the team, mission, and particular position must be right for you. We’d love to talk about it and see if this is an opportunity that makes sense (or a win/win).

  • To be passionate about CUSA’s purpose & values
  • To work as a team toward specific goals
  • To be on time, focused, and ready to work
  • To recognize your team members’ achievements
  • To engage in healthy conflict
  • To choose excellence and not settle for less